Happy 6. Birthday to my D-litter!!


Congratulations my beloved D-litter!!! This was exactly 6 years ago and we has been so proud. Grandma Alela gave support to Ceiju but then mum wanted to have all her babies for her own at first. Have a great birthday you all, like sister Toffee will :)

We are ONE!

Lovely and best regards to the 1. Birthday of the Haiba Kaisoon E Litter!! You are growing well but need especially now time to develope. A big kiss to all from breedermummy, mummy and grandmom!!

Alela Alela Alela Alela Alela Alela


She is mother and grandma and “Our Best”. CEIJU is celebrating her 10. Birthday , like her 13 littermates, and is still the leader of the pack, together with me.

I just had contact with some “puppyowners” and I am over the moon to hear so much fine feedback. Thank you all for taking so good care of them!

This time you can see also pictures of Coira (it means dog in finnish because of daddy Sheikh) , she still likes to walk at the bike!

I wish to my Ceiju and all the other C ´s a joyful Birthday and many more years in good quality of life! Go Go Go!

Alela Alela Alela Alela Alela

07.08.2015 HAPPY BIRTHDAY B-Litters

Happy 12. Birthday dear B-littermates!!


Puppys 5 weeks old.

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