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20. November 2012

New pictures from Haiba Kaisoon Danuwa
(Rokishoals Cavan The Heartbreaker x Haiba Kaisoon Ceiju)

Danuwa got her first examination in dogsport CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She couldnĀ“t came with her family to our meeting but is sending greetings to you all!

18. October 2012

A picture from "Haiba Kaisoon Dogworlds Blackbeauty"
(Rokishoals Cavan the Heartbreaker x Haiba Kaisoon Ceiju)

.... our sweet Mrs. Black out of the D-litter

09. October 2012

Please contact me to find out the best time for our Kennelmeeting, at first planed
for 21. October 2012, perhaps we change it to 3. or 4. November!
Tel. 0049 (0) 234 602 90540 or

09. October 2012

Our bitch "Haiba Kaisoon Dragonfly"
(Rokishoals Cavan The Heartbreaker x Haiba Kaisoon Ceiju) TOFFEE got breedexamination!
For her temper she got in all categories "A"! the way, like her Brother "Haiba Kaisoon Dodger" before!

18. September 2012

7. Birthday C-litter It was a dream for me to get a litter out of Sheikh and my beloved Alela, so I went 3 times to Finnland got 14 really special dogs....

A big kiss on the top of the nose for Calypso, Abeni, Charis, Ceiju, Chenaya, Lisha, Bezi, Caneesha, Carhu, Percy, Chianga, Coira, Chakira und Tabor and best wishes!

15. August 2012

Haiba Kaisoon Buliwyf the firstborn of the B-litter sends greetings to his littermates too, he celebrates his Birthday with a family-picnic at the river Rhein :-)

07. August 2012

Happy Birthday to my beloved B-Litter-Dogs! Have a great day!
This time some pictures from life and work of brother Tayari from Bavaria in place of all.
I would love to meet you all in a Haiba Kaisoon-meeting in autm.

05. April 2012

Good Bye beloved Cavan!

We sadly lost the father of our B and D Litter.
When I met him the first time in Denmark, I saw at first great shoulders wich our breed need, wonderful substance of bones wich the most can wish for.... and then he was moving: Wonderful and absolutly correct!
And later I could came to know his nice temper, I hoped he would gave this all to his puppies and he did!

"One of the best mover I ever had own, but first at all his temper was a truly Rhodesian Ridgeback, you could always trust him.
He gave me 11 wonderful years, every day was a gift.Thank you Cavan , you was a truly Heartbreaker!"

In tears yours truly, Anne

05. April 2012

Haiba Kaisoon Dragonfly (Rokishoals Cavan The Heartbreaker x Haiba Kaisoon Ceiju)
is x-rayed, the result: HD, ED, OCD- free!!!

28. February 2012

New Pictures from Haiba Kaisoon Break For The Border "Tayari" * 08.09.2003
(Rokishoals Cavan The Heartbreaker x Haiba Kaisoon A Sun Beams Gentle)

He is living lucky and healthy near from Munich. He is always together with his owners... at work, in holiday on the glacier or at hunt.

19. February 2012


This is the first time without my beloved Alela but I am fortunate also and my thoughts will be with her littermates who rich an wise age of 12 years!
Celebrate your Birthdays with your owners!
Kisses, Breedermummy

As substitut for all of them this time a picture from "Haiba Kaisoon Amber" (CH. Rydgeway African Hunter x Marusha Haiba Kaisoon)

14. January 2012

Happy Birthday to our beloved Toffee and her littermates
Dasper, Djami, Dodger, Dinari, Becks, Deja Vu, Dhakiya,Lela, Danuwa und Da`Ceiju!!!
A big kiss and a wonderful day to all of them!

some pictures

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