A committed, responsible breeders do not recognize the amount of accessories in the African style. It is funny to buy mountains of plastic toys, but in my experience, are the normal things like a broom, a box or old socks on a rope or a beautiful rabbit-coat is much more popular for a puppy. It is important to form the character ( house noise, trips, car trips in the right stages of development) . The male selection requires great knowledge, experience, contacts and a good memory for "Unwritten"..


At this point we need to think fairly about some things ....

- Fair, with the dogs in animal shelters and exchanges, which not at all "screwed up" but rather are mostly out of the "woods". At least you should give this idea a chance.

Das waren meine Lieblingsschuhe!

These have been beautiful shoes!

- Fair, towards yourself self, because this picture is real and represents my favorite shoes while Ceiju's young dogs time dar. (Many dog owners feel now remembers).

- Fair, to the puppy, because of the need as a pack animal and baby, he need constant attention. A superior pack animal with brains, he remains a lifetime!

If you still love to own a puppy from the kennel Haiba Kaisoon, I will be glad to answer questions.

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