They arrived!....Toffee gave birth to our puppies on 10.12.14. We are happy that all went well and without complications and Toffee is a wonderful mother. Mother and puppies are doing fine!

Puppys 5 weeks old

Zaxxon's Delightful Davidoff


Foto by Bonfoto.nl
Owner: Edith Salm (NL)
Breeder: Lotta Malmborg (S)

HD, ED, OCD frei
Degeneratieve Myelopatie: NN (free)
Dilute: DD (free)


Davidoff is an outstanding, very gentle male with a lovely cool, intelligent and relaxed character. He has also a great willingness to learn and ‘work’. His body has good proportions and he has great angulations, also in front, this we have to keep in the RR breed.

He was born in Sweden and his successful parents ”Ascot Alta Mirano” and ”Zaxxon's Queen Akilah” has been from wellknown lines and very nice combinated by Mrs. Malmborg/ Zaxxon´s Kennel.

Like Toffee, Davidoff has more health screenings with best results than our clubs demand. His owners Edith und Henk Salm from the Netherlands are very critical and I am thankful to share same philosophy for breeding with them.

Haiba Kaisoon D-Land Dragonfly “Toffee”



HD, ED, OCD free
Degeneratieve Myelopatie: NN (free)
Dilute: DD (free)
Ultrasound Heart: healthy

Toffee is a friendly, funny bitch. In difficult situations she shines with deep strongness and calm. Working is pleasure with her, so she get Endurence-, Companion- and Breeding-Test with waving flaggs. She has naturel huntingscills, wich she is allowed to live out at lure coursing and dogracing.

Toffee stayed as 4. Generation at Kennel Haiba Kaisoon and so as heritage of a longlife, successful and strong mother-line wich cares thankfully in a dominant way. His father “Rokishoals Cavan The Heartbreaker” Born in the USA, lived in Denmark and Forces with wonderful movement and temper as his line is wellknown for. Toffee is a avaluable carrier as his worlwide only daughter for us.

Also because of her mother “”Haiba Kaisoon Ceiju”, born in the only litter in Germany after the american, legendary male “Ikimba Tumomak Sheikh” finnisch/australian lines) we can talk about a very especially pedigree.